Fairy village - Dasar town, Lam Dong province, Vietnam

Dreaming at Springtime - Da Lat city, Vietnam

Pray for Souls - Hue city, Vietnam

Soy sauce - Hung Yen province, Vietnam

Make living on the cold winter - Lam Dong province, Vietnam

About Myself Biography

I am working and live in Vietnam, an extremelybeautiful country with unique traditional culture, heroic history, and friendlypeople located in Southeast Asia. Currently, I am a freelance photographer, Ialso set up a couple of concepts in wedding studios.

Photography has changed my whole and I am verythankful for that. Photography is my hobby, I like to shoot landscapes andcapture culture and traditions. Simply catching a smile, a life moment or themiracles of mother nature is a blessing to me. What is more wonderful is toshare with others about my passion and to introduce the image of my country'sculture, traditions, people, and landscape to friends around the world.

My works

With a unique, sophisticated approach, I always strive to create real works of art with a sense of lettering and sophistication. My work is culturally specific, contrasting the colors of Asia and the impression of light.

During my career, I have won a number ofinternational awards such as:

- Winner Ikei Photo contest 2018 of Spain;

- Winner Gump Photo contest in Hong Kong 2021;

- Winner of the September internationalcompetition of Shoot The Frame 2021

- Winner UNPUBLISHED PHOTO, searching for newtalents and new art forms around the world by the Musec Lugano Cultural Museum(Switzerland) and the 29 Arts In Progress Gallery (Italy).

Currently, my winning photos from Switzerlandare on display at the Musec Museo Lugano Cultural Museum from 22/9/2021 to22/02/2022.

- I have been published 01 picture book byArtphilein Editions SA (Milan-Italia) called "The ancient craft of nomadicFishing in Vietnamese lakes and rivers"

- Highly Commended badge awarded by Siena Award

- Finalist of many prestigious photographyawards in the world such as Environmental Photographer of the Year (COP26),Nature Conservancy 2021, American Photography 2021 (USA Open),... and more.

Email : phukhanh87@gmail.com 

Contact for Me anytime

I am a freelance fine art photographer and a member of the Vietnam Federation of Photographers

Bui Phu Khanh (@khanh.bp)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/khanh.bp/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phu.khanh.75/

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